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7 Gorgeous Green Nail Polish Colors for Your Next Mani

From rich emeralds to deep olives, these shades are stunning.

green nail polish
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So you want to try something new for your next manicure, but you're fresh out of ideas. Well, look no further for an on-trend shade to shake things up: It's time to go green. Sure, green isn't the first shade that comes to mind when picking out the best nail polish colors, but it's actually a great (and versatile!) nail color if you want to add a pop of color to your look. Besides being perfect for St. Patrick's Day, a luscious green hue is great any time of the year you're looking to try something new on your nails.

Green nail polish can be super eye-catching — and it doesn't have to be a bright or neon green, either. Darker and more neutral shades of green are still daring and super-flattering options (and dare we say that they might just be as stylish as a set of red nails or a clean white mani?). Or if you're searching for a way to elevate a basic mani, shades of green are great accents for nail art, too!

From dark greens and rich emeralds to the more subtle olives and pastel greens, we've picked out some of the best green nail polish colors to try for your next manicure — going green this season is actually as simple as picking out a shade from this list! These green nail colors will have your nails looking on-trend for 2022 in no time at all.

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Green Matte Nail Polish
Leaf Me Be
Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen
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A GH Beauty Award winner, this formula dries fast, chips less and lasts longer than regular polish. "The deep hunter green shade with hints of black is a more sophisticated, chic way to wear green that transitions from days at the office to nights out," says Good Housekeeping's Beauty Director April Franzino.

Mint Green Nail Polish
Mint Candy Apple

A go-to pastel favorite of Good Housekeeping's Deputy Editor Jessica Teich, this delicate, light-toned shade from Essie is a true mint green that's just as sweet and delightful as its name.

Dark Green Nail Polish
Things I Have Seen in Aber-Green

Want a green that's darker and moodier? Try this near-black shade from OPI's Scotland collection, which will definitely make your look edgier and cooler no matter what you're wearing. And if you're feeling as bold as this shade, use this color to try a DIY mani at home.

Green Glitter Nail Polish

Looking for some sparkle in your green? This bewitching emerald shade from Zoya is the perfect sparkly green nail polish, complete with a textured "pixie dust" finish. It's also a great go-to hue for a green nail polish design that is sure to catch everyone's eye.

Olive Green Nail Polish
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It'll always be sweater weather on your nails with this green shade from Essie, so if you're going for a more neutral tone, try this olive green with a bit of white overcast hue. "This subtle khaki green shade is more neutral and perfect for someone who wants to dip their toes (or tips!) into green," says April.

Lime Green Nail Polish
How Does Your Zen Garden Grow?

As one of our top-tested nail polish brands, you'll feel totally zen in no time with this light green nail polish from OPI's Tokyo collection — it's a luscious soft-and-pale tone that's perfect for springtime. The subtle lime element really captures hope for the brighter days ahead.

Green Metallic Nail Polish
Warm Onyx Green

Inspired by a glam garage band jam session, this green metallic nail is perfect for any season (ahem, not just fall) and is here to steal the show. If you want to get extra funky, add green nail polish designs to achieve the ultimate "wow" factor.

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