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GH Seal Spotlight: Vicks Soothing Solutions

It's been a GH Seal star for over a decade!

Stock your medicine cabinet with these cold and cough helpers that will leave the entire family breathing easier.

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The entire lineup of products from Vicks impressed our Wellness Lab experts with their powerful formulas, total versatility, and proven performance.

  1. CALMING FORMULAS Many of the brand's products are formulated with camphor, eucalyptus and menthol, which are known to suppress coughs, help with nasal congestion, and soothe the senses.
  2. TRUSTED CLASSIC A longtime staple during cold and flu season, the topical ointment helps open airways in no time. Rub the blend on your chest, neck or back to temporarily relieve coughing
  3. GREAT FOR ALL AGES While you can use VapoRub on kids as young as 2, Vicks also has a special BabyRub. Formulated with a trio of relaxing scents (eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender), it’s the non-medicated version of the classic ointment. GH moms swear by this balm, especially when their kids have colds. Gently rub the ointment on the chest, neck, back and soles of the feet of an infant who is at least 3 months old to help comfort her.
  4. BREATHE-EASY AID Need some extra TLC to get through your cold? Try adding VapoSteam in your steam vaporizer. The formula produces steam that can help temporarily relieve coughing. Ideal for adults and children 2 and over, you can use it up to three times a day.
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