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14 Best Christmas Ornament Storage Containers to Keep Your Collection in Good Shape

Useful organizers with dividers, padding and more.

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Decorating the Christmas tree never fails to get you into the holiday spirit. Regardless of the Christmas tree theme you choose, it's always fun to settle on the right mix of ornaments to complement the rest of your holiday decor. But once the holiday celebration is over, finding an easy way to store your Christmas tree ornaments might make you feel a bit stressed out. That doesn't have to be the case though. Many online retailers, including Walmart, Home Depot and Amazon, offer a wide range of Christmas ornament storage boxes and containers to keep your collection as organized as possible. Some storage containers are outfitted with dividers to help prevent your ornaments from breaking, and others are transparent, making it easy to find the ornaments you need without a hassle. So ditch the worn-out boxes you've long been using to store your favorite ornaments, and take a look below at some of the best ornament storage options to consider this year.

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Deep Pocket Ornament Storage Bag

Your large ornaments will be well protected in this storage bag that includes 72 spots. Each of the three trays is removable and lined with acid-free fabric. There's even a zippered pocket in front in case you need to store ornament hooks or other small accessories. 

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Moisture Resistant Ornament Storage
Honey Can Do

This versatile organizer boasts 40 compartments, but you can also easily remove the dividers to accommodate the large ornaments in your collection. Plus, it zips shut and features moisture-resistant nylon to keep your ornaments in tip-top shape. 

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Holiday Storage Container

This 32-gallon container has more than enough space to keep your precious ornaments looking as good as new year after year. Use your own boxes to ensure the interior remains neat. 

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Large Ornament Storage Box

From dual zipper closure to 128 slots for three-inch ornaments, this storage box is a must-have. 

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Christmas Ornament Storage
The Holiday Aisle

You'll need a safe place to store the collection of holiday figurines you've collected over the years. This organizer has eight compartments plus a transparent front panel to make it easy to find what you need. 

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Extra Large Storage Bag
Now 40% off

This huge carrier, which has reinforced handles, is highly reviewed on Amazon. It's not a structured bag, so it's perfect for transporting and storing ornaments already in boxes. 

Santas Bags
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Tiered Ornament Box

This decorative ornament box has three removable trays, so it's functional (you can carry around each tray while decorating) and stylish (you can show off your collection!). What's more, you can choose from three different festive patterns.

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Telescoping Adjustable Ornament Keeper
West Elm

There's so much to love about this ornament organizer. It's designed to hold up to 120 four-inch ornaments, and it has five adjustable trays that are lined with fabric. 

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Ornament Storage Box
Winter Wonderland

Pack 36 ornaments in this transparent storage box, complete dividers and a handy tray to hold hooks.

Classic Accessories
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Ornament Storage Bag
Now 44% off

The long straps on this cushioned carrying case make it easy to transport your ornament collection. Whether your attic is just far from your living room or your family moves around a lot, you'll appreciate the padded grip, plus a clear plastic window to see what's inside.

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Red Lid with Green Storage Handles

This clear box is stackable and has winged lids, so you can pack any type of holiday decorations in 'em. 

Handy Laundry
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Fabric Ornament Cube

This compact storage cube fits up to 64 ornaments across three layers, and you can adjust them to fit different sizes. Plus, the zippered top protects your ornaments from any dirt or dust floating around. 

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Ornament Organizer
Wayfair Basics

Not only will this organizer hold all of your ornaments (it fits 112!), but the cute but transparent polka-dot pattern still reveals what's inside. The carrying handles make it even easier to take it from storage to the tree.  

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Christmas Ornament Storage Box
612 Vermont

You'll want to keep your most delicate ornaments in these sturdy boxes. The material will protect everything inside from things like dirt, dust, ultraviolet light and migrant acid. 

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