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25 Best Dog and Owner Costumes That Will Have Everyone Howling This Halloween

These matching DIY and store-bought outfits are too cute (and funny!) to pass up.

family and dog dressed as characters from the movie up, woman dressed as mother of dragons with dog dressed as dragon
Danielle Carson

It's never too early (or too late) to start planning out your Halloween costumes. Not only are there often multiple parties that you need a different outfit for, but it can be hard finding an affordable, funny and creative costume that is unique without being too difficult to pull off. And if you're planning on DIY-ing something yourself or trying to create a look that includes your pet, your significant other, your best friend or a large group of people it can be even more stressful. While this list of costume ideas can't solve all of your Halloween needs, it can help pup lovers out there find the best matching Halloween costumes for dogs and owners.

Yes, that's right — 25 homemade and store-bought costume ideas for you and your furry friend that are both cute and pup-friendly. Of course, we kept dog safety in mind as well, considering the American Veterinary Medical Association advises dog Halloween costumes to not interfere with your pup's hearing, breathing, sight or mouth. That in mind, whether you're looking for something super low-lift and cheap, something pop culture-related or something that's just plain adorable, there's a costume for you and your pup on this list.

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1 Russell, Carl and the House From 'Up' DIY Costumes
woman dressed as house with balloons, man dressed as old man carl and dog dressed up as russell boy scout
Courtesy of Keiko Lynn

Not only is this a great trio costume, but a lot of it can be made from things you already have at home, like a kid's t-shirt. Who doesn't love a good homemade costume?

Shop Balloons

Shop Glasses

Shop Bow Ties

Shop Yellow T-Shirts

Get the tutorial at Keiko Lynn

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2 Jason Voorhees Matching Costumes
dog and adult both dressed as jason voorhees

You'll like this version of Friday the 13th. A lot less bloody and a whole lot of furry.

Shop Jason Voorhees Adult Costume

Shop Machete

Shop Jason Voorhees Dog Costume

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3 S'mores DIY Costumes
man dressed as graham cracker, woman dressed as hersheys chocolate bar, dog dressed as marshmallows
Courtesy of Little Sloth

Graham crackers + chocolate + marshmallows = a match made in heaven. For the puppy marshmallow, a king-size pillow and some tape and velcro will do the trick.

Shop Cardboard

Get the tutorial at Little Sloth.

4 Chefs, Butter and Lobster DIY Costumes
man and woman dressed as chefs, dogs dressed as lobster and butter
Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

Buy a few accessories and DIY the butter part and voila! This costume is simply *chef's kiss.*

Shop Chef's Coat And Hat

Shop Lobster Dog Costume

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

5 Yoda and Darth Vader Costumes
adult dressed as yoda and dog dressed as darth vader

Your pup might not be as scary as the real Darth Vader, but he'll score major cuteness points with trick-or-treaters who stop by for candy.

Shop Yoda Costume

Shop Yoda Mask

Shop Darth Vader Dog Costume

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6 Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum DIY Costumes
dog dressed as tweedle dee and woman dressed as tweedle dum in the forest
Courtesy of XOXO Bella

Instead of dressing up as Alice and the Queen of Hearts, as many dogs and owners do, opt for the funny and colorful twins Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum from the movie Alice in Wonderland.

Shop Tweedle Dee Dog Costume

Shop Tweedle Dum Accessories

Shop Red Skirt

Shop Red Tights

Get the tutorial at XOXO Bella.

7 Chicken and Waffles Costumes
two adults dressed as chickens and dog dressed as waffle with butter
Courtesy of Jessica McMurtrey (@jessmcmurtrey)

We love costumes involving comfy onesies! Have another furry friend? Consider dressing them up as a bottle of syrup for more fun.

Shop Chicken Onesie

Shop Waffle Dog Costume

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8 'Mean Girls' Costumes
dog dressed in pink tshirt, woman dressed in regina george mean girls costume

On Wednesdays, you might wear pink — but on Halloween, you'll definitely want to rock this Regina George ensemble.

Shop Regina George Costume

Shop Burn Book

Shop Black Heels

Shop Mean Girls Shirt

9 Beanie Babies Costumes
woman and dog dressed as matching beanie babies
Courtesy of XOXO Bella

Talk about a blast from the past! This nostalgic costume is super easy to make but so unique, so no fear of matching with someone else.

Shop Woman's Lion Onesie

Shop Dog's Lion Mane

Get the tutorial at XOXO Bella

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10 Barista and Coffee Costumes
dog dressed as coffee, woman dressed as barista
Walmart/Etsy @TESBeamsandParticles

This puppuccino beats a classic cup of joe any day.

Shop Coffee Dog Costume

Shop Barista Costume

11 Mother of Dragons and Dragon DIY Costumes
woman dressed as game of thrones daenerys mother of dragons holding dog dressed as dragon
Courtesy of Lia Griffith

Game of Thrones may have ended in 2019, but a GOT costume is always in style. And since the Mother of Dragons can't show up anywhere without her trusty sidekick, your pup will make the cutest addition to her outfit. All you need is a little black fabric to make the wings.

Shop Blonde Wigs

Shop White Dresses

Shop Gold Belt

Shop Black Fabric

Get the tutorial at LiaGriffith

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12 Rain and Rainbow DIY Costumes
dog dressed as rainbow, woman dressed in rain gear
Courtesy of XOXO Bella

You can't get the rainbow without the rain, and you can't get this clever costume without the perfect accessories.

Shop Rain Jacket

Shop Umbrella

Shop Rain Boots

Shop Rainbow Dog Costume

Get the tutorial at XOXO Bella.

13 Taco Bell Sauce and Burrito Costumes
dog dressed as burrito and man dressed as taco bell fire sauce

Your pup will bring the eat while you bring the heat in these Taco Bell-inspired costumes. Talk about taking your order to the next level!

Shop Taco Bell Fire Sauce Costume

Shop Burrito Dog Costume

14 Pennywise and Georgie 'It' Costumes
dog dressed as pennywise the clown, woman dressed in yellow raincoat and black boots

Maybe people wouldn't be so afraid of clowns if they looked as cute as this pup. Although, we still recommend staying away from the sewers this Halloween.

Shop Yellow Raincoat

Shop Black Rain Boots

Shop Pennywise Dog Costume

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15 Bride of Chucky and Chucky Costumes
woman dressed as bride of chucky, dog dressed as chucky

This might be the ONLY case where the groom looks better than the bride. This dog and owner costume beats the real movie any day.

Shop Bride Of Chucky Costume

Shop Chucky Dog Costume

16 Bubble Bath Family DIY Costumes
man dressed in robe, dog dressed as rubber ducky, baby dressed as loofah and woman dressed as bubble bath
Courtesy of Studio DIY

Scrub-a-dub-dub! Even the dogs that dread bath time the most can't complain about this adorable and colorful look.

Shop Balloons

Shop Inflatable Duck

Shop Robe

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY.

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17 Wilma and Fred Flintstone Costumes
a woman and dog dressed up as wilma and fred flintstones

Yabba Dabba doo! This iconic pairing is a classic that always works. Dress as the Wilma to your dog's Fred (or Pebbles, this outfit works for both!), and if you have some extra members in your family, have them dress as other members of the Flintstone gang.

Shop Wilma Flintstone Dress

Shop Fred Flintstone Dog Outfit

18 Dorothy and Scarecrow Costumes
woman dressed as dorothy and dog dressed as scarecrow

Those ruby shoes won't get you home, but they will get you lots of candy. Just make sure you avoid any green witches.

Shop Ruby Shoes

Shop Basket

Shop Hair Bows

Shop Scarecrow Dog Costume

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19 Dionne and Cher Costumes
woman dressed as dionne and dog dressed as cher fro clueless
Amazon/Etsy @FoxNamedTodd

"As if" you could find a better dynamic duo!

Shop Dionne Costume

Shop Black Knee Highs

Shop Cher Dog T-Shirt

20 50s Waitress and Poodle Girl Costumes
woman dressed as 50s waitress and dog dressed as poddle girl

Serve up looks while you serve up some tasty treats with the help of your favorite furry friend from the 50s.

Shop 50s Waitress Costume

Shop Food Props

Shop Poodle Girl Dog Costume

21 Hot Dog and Ketchup Costumes
dog dressed up as hot dog and man dressed up as ketchup bottle

When it comes to must-have food combos, this one takes the top spot on our list.

Shop Hot Dog Dog Costume

Shop Ketchup Costume

22 UPS Package and Delivery Man DIY Costumes
dog dressed as ups delivery man, woman dressed as ups package
Courtesy of XOXO Bella

With the amount of boxes that get delivered to your door day after day, there's definitely a spare one lying around that you can easily turn into this hilarious look.

Shop Delivery Dog Costume

Shop UPS Sticker Decals

Get the tutorial at XOXO Bella.

23 Black Widow and Captain America Costumes
dog and owner costumes black widow and captain america

Although there are many dynamic duos throughout the Marvel movies, Black Widow and Captain America are a timeless classic that have been side-by-side since the beginning.

Shop Black Widow Costume

Shop Black Widow Wigs

Shop Black Widow Batons

Shop Captain America Dog Costume

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24 Mario and Princess Peach DIY Costumes
woman dressed as mario and dog dressed as princess daisy
Courtesy of XOXO Bella

Mario and Luigi might be known as the more iconic duo, but the Princess Peach costume simply looks more adorable on this pup.

Shop Mario Costume

Shop Mario Hat

Shop Red Sneakers

Shop Princess Peach Dog Costume

Get the tutorial at XOXO Bella.

25 'Squid Game' Players Costumes
two adults dressed in red squid game costumes

You might not win any actual money for rocking these cool costumes, but you will win the approval of everyone you see. Wear these matching Squid Game contestant costumes and you'll not only look cool, but you'll be super comfy.

Shop Squid Game Adult Costume

Shop Squid Game Dog Costume

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