GH Seal Spotlight: The Home Decorators Collection Plush Soft Cotton Bath Towel

You're going to want to replace all of your towels with these instead.

Next time you get out of the shower or bath, treat your skin to this spa-like towel instead of a worn-out rag that's uncomfortable and nonabsorbent.

Home Depot
Plush Soft Cotton Bath Towel
Home Decorators Collection


The Home Decorators Collection Plush Soft Bath Towel impressed our Textiles experts with its absorbency, quality, and more — plus it all comes at a great price!

  1. SUPER ABSORBENT In GH Lab tests, the towel proved to be very absorbent since it easily soaked up all the water our experts poured on it. The surface is terrycloth, so it absorbs more than typical fabric.
  2. QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Because of how well-made these towels are, they feel soft (not scratchy) on your skin. They're also low linting, meaning that they only lost a small amount of lint in the dryer after our experts washed it.
  3. GREAT VALUE For just $20, you get a set of two plush bath towels. That's just a fraction of what you can expect to pay for one towel of similar quality!
  4. MATCHING SETS You aren't just limited to bath towels — the Home Decorators Collection also has wash cloths, hand towels, and sets that include all three sizes!
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