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GH Seal Spotlight: Purina Pro Plan LiveClear Cat Food

This could be a dream come true for many pet parents!

Sensitive to feline allergens? Our GH Institute scientists were amazed by this game-changing formula that’s proven to decrease allergens on cat hair and dander in just a few weeks.

Purina Pro Plan with Probiotics, High Protein Dry Cat Food, LIVECLEAR Chicken & Rice Formula - 16 lb. Bag
Purina Pro Plan amazon.com


A perfect pet food choice for homes with animal lovers who are susceptible to cat allergens, Pro Plan LiveClear cat food is backed by 10 years of cutting-edge research and a dedication to ingredient integrity, animal welfare and safety. Plus, cats love the taste!

  1. BREAKTHROUGH INNOVATION. LiveClear is coated with a specific protein, derived from eggs, that carries antibodies for a common allergen found in cat saliva (Fel d 1). This allergen is transferred to fur when cats lick themselves while grooming. When cats eat LiveClear, the antibodies bind to the allergen and neutralize it —before it gets on their fur.
  2. FAST-ACTING, LONG-TERM RESULTS. In a clinical study of 105 cats, 97% showed a reduction in allergens on hair and dander, with an average decrease of 47% during week three. GH’s consumer study echoed these benefits. "Brody loves to be right in my face, and that was easier to deal with these past few weeks,” raved one tester.
  3. IMPRESSIVE NUTRITION. In GH tests, 94% of at-home users were impressed by the added nutrients in the formula, which include omega-6 fattyacids, probiotics, vitamins and minerals. “My cats seem to be thriving on the new food,”said a tester. “I’ll definitely look for it in the store when I need more cat food.”
  4. PICKY-EATER FRIENDLY. Many testers noted that the food did not upset their cats’ stomachs, and 89% of them reported that their cats enjoyed eating the food.“Kitty loved it. He’s superpicky, and I was surprised that he didn’t turn up his nose a tit,” said one. “This is my go-to cat food now,” said another.

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