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From delivery boxes and detergent bottle to containers for beauty products, over 80 million tons of packaging waste end up in U.S. landfills every year.

That's why, every fall, the GH Institute and Made Safe team up to host our Raise the Green Bar Sustainability Summit, a daylong virtual event featuring a jam-packed program aimed at helping companies create more sustainable products and practices for you despite the economic challenges of COVID-19. We continue to see brands both big and small prioritize efforts to recycle, reuse and reduce waste, with more demand from consumers for good-for-the-planet buys.

This year for our Sustainable Innovation Awards, we enlisted the help of industry leaders to evaluate more than 110 submissions on factors like packaging materials, minimalism, performance and more. To help lower that number, our sustainability experts rated over 110 contenders to find the programs and products that use less “stuff” to deliver the goods and more – meet the winners here!

Meet the Experts

How We Tested

The Good Housekeeping Institute experts and industry leaders evaluated both “sustainability initiative” entries for brands and companies and “sustainable packaging” submissions for products in the beauty, home care, food and toy categories. For initiatives, we evaluated whether they have committed to real environmental targets and if they are leading the industry in their efforts based on submitted information and collective knowledge of our experts. For packaging submissions, we scored them on factors such as innovation, materials, minimalism, functionality and design. All finalists in the sustainable packaging category were also tested by our GHI experts to ensure that the winners met our standards of product efficacy.

From start to end, finding this year’s winners was a six-month long project and collectively our judges logged in over 300 hours assessing the submissions. With greenwashing abound in the market place, it is often difficult to find products that both deliver on their “green” promise and perform well. Here are 20 winning products and brands that will help your household move the dial towards a more sustainable future.

The Winners

good housekeeping sustainability innovations happiest home and family

The Winners

good housekeeping sustainability innovations sensational skin and hair

The Winners

good housekeeping sustainability innovations brilliant bath and body

The Winners

good housekeeping sustainability innovations smarter food and drink

The Winners

brand innovation winners

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